Classes and sessions at Chiswick Pilates Practice
Gaby offers Pilates and much more at the Chiswick Pilates Practice. You can join a weekly group class for matwork, or work with Gaby on the equipment in her studio for general fitness and flexibility. You can even train to be a Pilates teacher yourself on her Pilates teaching course.

Gaby is particularly skilled in rehabilitation work and her expert care and teaching can help you develop a personalised exercise routine to cater for injuries, recovery from operations or physical disabilities.

Gaby also teaches Gyrotonic, using the professional equipment which ensures you perform the exercises correctly.

Read more about all of these below.
There are two main ways to practise Pilates:
  • matwork
  • equipment work

Matwork is usually done as a group class. It includes Pilates’ original mat exercises, plus lots more that have been developed as knowledge about human physiology has advanced.

As your body gets stronger and more flexible, classes gradually get more challenging, so you keep improving and can appreciate your progress over time.

The teacher can take into account individual physical problems and weaknesses among the class. Many people find the sense of well-being they feel after a class inspirational and start to enjoy the regular, healthy exercise.

Equipment work
In a Pilates studio you'll find special equipment to support and challenge your body while you exercise. With the help and advice of your teacher, you develop a programme to suit you.

The equipment has tensioned springs that adjust to precisely the right resistance for you so you can work your body safely at a deeper level.

The equipment is particularly effective for therapeutic work, for example:
  • after joint replacement
  • for knee and back problems
  • and even for stroke or post-coma patients

Pilates teaching course
Gaby offers a two-year training course in Pilates instruction, leading to full qualification as a Pilates teacher. The course provides:
  • xx weeks/hours' teaching
  • 2 fully-illustrated exercise manuals
  • hands-on practice
  • official certificate in Pilates teaching proficiency

For details, ring 020 8994 5822.


As well as Pilates matwork and equipment, Gaby offers Gyrotonic at the Chiswick Pilates Practice.

Gyrotonic is an outstanding form of exercise developed by Hungarian, Juliu Horvath. His method is inspired by ballet, gymnastics, swimming and yoga. Gyrotonic is based on rotating movements and it works groups of muscles inter-dependently in a natural, flowing way.

Gyrotonic equipment allows movement in three dimensions, while offering controlled resistance, to improve co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

Gaby is registered on the official Gyrotonic website: